Decided to place a Cupcake Order?

Well you have come to the right place!

Please email our sales team directly at Sales@VIcupcakes.com

You should receive a follow up email confirming our receipt of your order, along with our availability to provide you what you are looking for. Once we have finalized your order with you, an electronic order receipt with your finalizing pricing will be emailed to you. Please let our team know if you would also like to receive a hard copy of this receipt with your cupcake order.

If you would like to discuss options directly with our Sales team please leave a contact number we can best reach you at, and we will call you back during our normal business hours.

**To help answer most first time buyer’s questions, Please read our full Menu and ordering information (found on the second page of our Menu) prior to ordering.

Payment by either Cash or Check is accepted at both our VI and DC locations. Our DC branch is now pleased to announce we will also be accepting Visa / MasterCard payments as of June/2014 for in person transactions only. Please do not email your credit card information to us, it will not be processed.

~The VI Cupcake Team~